Let the Pros handle your E-Mail

Managed E-Mail

Email has facilitated greater business efficiency over the last 10 years as much as any single communications tool. Email gives you great advantages - but only when it works. More than ever before, companies are throwing up their hands at the idea of running their own mail server, and turning to a company like Nationwide, which specializes in providing email services. Smaller companies, especially, are normally forced to decide between two unattractive options: use generic and unprofessional email addresses for their business like joesplumbing@yahoo.com or abcinsurance@aol.com or attempt to maintain their own in-house mail server using software like Microsoft Exchange, including its attendant costs and technical nightmares.

At Nationwide, we take email seriously, whether it's your personal email account you use to correspond with friends and relatives or the email for your entire corporation. Our spam and virus filters are second to none and can be customized to suit your taste. We can provide you a set of corporate email addresses at your domain name, so you can maintain the appropriate professional stature and receive quality technical support which is lacking when using generic email addresses. But we remove the many costs and headaches associated with running your own mail server, including the obligatory server hardware costs, mail server software costs, data center colocation costs or costs for internet backbones from multiple providers.

On top of that, and usually much more expensive, are the costs of maintaining the server in a continually changing environment. Unlike a standard office file server, an email server in the public Internet domain is the constant target of hackers, spammers, phishers and the like, and protecting it from these attacks, which vary on a daily basis, requires an IT staff expert at blocking spam, mail viruses and trojans, dealing with realtime blacklists, disk and message quota management and bandwidth throttles to name just a few.

You wouldn't trust the delivery of your letters and packages to an inexperienced carrier, so why would you trust the even more complicated delivery of emails to anyone with less experience or less expertise than Nationwide?

  • State-of-the-art spam & virus filtering - your email will be protected by the best in anti-spam and anti-virus technology, powered by Modusmail's award winning server software.
  • Live tech support - talk to an experienced technician based in the US when you have trouble.
  • Corporate accounts - Let us help you find and setup the right email domain for you, or move your existing email to our servers and let us handle the headaches for you.
  • Gateway filtering - Still want to keep control of your email on your server, but want us toblock the spam and viruses before they reach you? Not a problem with our gateway filtering products.

The average employee sends and receives 53 messages per day, and that rate is growing at 30% per year. The advent of digital photography and digital video have resulted in quantum leaps in the size of some messages, and if your email platform was designed for the days of text only, you will be struggling with drive upgrades while your users are shouting for their email. Let your computer help desk spent its time helping your users, not wrestling with the mail server again. Want to find out more? Give us a call at (888) NET-NERD (888-638-6373) or email us at info@nationwideinc.com .