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Time to Sell Your ISP ?

The Rural ISP Program

State-of-the-Art Internet Service in remote areas

Since 1996, when Nationwide first expanded its service offerings to include Internet access, it has become adept at providing state-of-the-art Internet service in remote areas that had few or no other Internet service alternatives. The acquisition of Sum.Net, providing Sumter County, FL with its first dialup access service, became the first in a string of successful acquisitions of small to medium-sized rural ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in the Southeast U.S..

As part of its ongoing business plan, Nationwide continues to target the acquisition of ISPs in these smaller markets. Even in today's high-tech times, many remote communities have very limited options when choosing an ISP, and are often forced to choose between national providers with no local presence and overseas tech support, or their local phone company, which likely doesn't even provide very good phone service, let alone understand the needs of the Internet consumer.

By acquiring and consolidating small to medium-sized rural ISPs under its umbrella, Nationwide is able to offer expanded product offerings, lower prices, professional customer service and a local feel for the needs of these communities. The list of ISPs managed by Nationwide includes Sum.Net, Netrus, Desoto.Net, Sylvan, Metanet and Greenwood.Net.

Time to Sell Your ISP ?

If you own and operate your own ISP, maybe you've been thinking about selling your business. Perhaps revenues have dropped as the ISP market has evolved, or maybe you're just tired of working 365 days per year, and finding reliable help in such a technical field is difficult if not impossible. Likely you've considered selling your ISP only to find that most of the bigger providers aren't interested in a smaller customer base or that the offer they are making to you is unrealistic. (Consider Earthlink - their plan to buy your customer base essentially entails mailing an Earthlink CD to your customers. They'll pay you for each one that switches over!).

If you're thinking about selling your ISP, consider working with Nationwide. We understand your business and what it took for you to build it. We also understand your customers and will make the experience as seamless for them as possible. Consider some of the advantages Nationwide offers:

  • Seamless integration - your customers will keep their email addresses, will see the same company name on their invoices, and keep the same billing plans.
  • A local presence - your customers will work with a small group of our customer service and support staff so that they will gain familiarity with us and feel like they are being cared for by a local company.
  • Deal flexibility - We work with you and your existing circumstances, vendors and contracts to determine the best exit strategy for you, either by assuming and renegotiating your existing contracts or providing an asset-only purchase.
  • Reasonable price/Fast transaction - Get what you deserve for the customer base you've built. Through seamless integration our staff will assure a smooth transition, meaning your customers will stay with us and you'll earn the residual commissions your deserve. Through asset-only acquisitions, we minimize the need for extensive due diligence.

Interested enough to find out more? Give us a call at (888) NET-NERD (888-638-6373) or email us at .