About Us

Since 1986, the company's emphasis on technical competence and customer service has helped earn its sterling reputation across many facets of the IT industry. As technology has evolved, so have Nationwide's products and services, but the one constant over the past three decades has been the company's dedication to bringing added value to its clients through cutting edge technology and its implementation.

In its first decade, Nationwide provided system integration services to businesses throughout the southeastern U.S., bundling server and networking products with customized accounting software and top-notch consulting services.

In the 1990s, Nationwide shifted to the ISP arena, providing Internet access and hosting services focusing on rural and remote areas. The company leveraged its ability to design and implement billing and provisioning solutions by creating a custom management system for ISPs, which helped facilitate the acquisition of other ISPs in the southeast region.

Nationwide subsequently used its growing skill set to design and implement communications systems throughout the U.S. and all over the world, including satellite, telephone systems, VoIP, and wireless networks in regions as diverse as Laos, Costa Rica, Ecuador and St. Maarten Island. On the domestic side, the company expanded its connectivity services to niche markets such as access in RV and mobile home parks.

In the last decade, Nationwide's role as a global asset broker has helped companies around the world acquire and monetize IT assets in this rapidly evolving landscape. The company's IPTrading.com team has assisted in transferring over 600 IPv4 blocks between clients in 65 countries.

Founder and President, Mike Burns, graduated from MIT's Sloan School of Management in 1985. Co-founder and Vice President, Tom Fantacone, graduated from MIT in 1984 with degrees in Physics and in Mathematics. He received his Masters in Physics from Stanford University in 1985. The Nationwide team looks forward to the next 30 years of innovation.

1988 - Legacy System Ad

2002 - Communications Setup in Laos

2003 - Internet Provisioning in Ecuador

2018 - IPv4 Brokerage Map